Business Tax

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What is Business Tax?

All the active Companies in the UK have to file Corporation Tax Return, usually called CT600 to the HMRC. Once you incorporated the Company, HMRC would contact you requesting further details to setup you Company records for Taxes. You will also receive separate tax reference for Company. Limited Companies have different tax rules and the deadlines when compared to Sole-traders or Partnerships. Also Companies need to file their accounts with the Companies House within 9 months from the year end.

How we can help?

There are significant Tax Planning options available for the Limited Companies when compared to Sole-Traders. Therefore our business tax experts would work closely with you to evaluate your expectation and assist you to minimise corporation taxes. We could also provide you with the ‘Pre-formatted Tax Working Tables’ to get quick indication of possible tax liability. Our business tax advisers would also asses your existing business model and advise how to save taxes by transforming to Limited Company.

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