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Advice on Import Taxes/ Commodity Codes and VAT on Imports

We do provide advice on setting up business with imports and exports from overseas countries. We will provide advices on UK commodity codes/ import and Export duties and VAT implications. Our experts could capable of assisting import/ export duty implications based on the products and the countries you are involved with. We could also refer our existing clients involved with Freight Forwarding and Handling Agents if required.

Foreign nationals setting up a business in UK

If you are based in overseas and thinking of moving your existing business to UK or setup a ‘Branch’ or ‘Subsidiary’ or otherwise establish a complete separate UK Company. We are capable of offering comprehensive ‘business establishment package’ for you even without you to physically presence in UK. Our overseas business advisors would assist you with all aspects of the business.We will highlight all the regulations and legislations at every step of the process.

Whatever your situation, expanding into the UK is an ambitious venture not to be taken lightly. At the start you may be worrying about followings ;

  • Is this business going to work?
  • Is my business plan realistic?
  • How do I deal with DTR (Double Taxation Relief)?
  • How do I deal with import duty and VAT on imports?
  • How do I deal with UK taxes including Employment Tax (PAYE)?
  • How do I deal with UK statutory filing requirements with the HM Revenue & Customs and Companies House?
  • How do I comply with UK Employment Law and employees’ related transactions?
  • What are the other supporting services needs when running the business like IT, Advertising, Freight Forwarding, etc.?
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